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In my previous life when I still worked at an office (for Nike) my boss came from Croatia.

We’re talking at least 20 years ago so the war was still fresh in everyone’s mind.

In a modern city like Zagreb it is easy to eat well as a vegetarian but if you go inland it might be a bit of a challenge. Castle Mihanovic is a fine dining location where you can taste some of the local specialities of the Zagorje region. Strukli is a traditional dessert from the region that is actually not always served sweet.

When we were at Petrac winery – to name just an example – they weren’t sure if we were vegetarian or not so they also provided a plate of tomatoes and cucumber. I think we had about four different variations while we were there, with my favorite being from castle Mihanovic.

Croatia as a holiday destination didn’t really come to mind for most people.

For us there were so many other countries to explore and in that year we did our first overseas trip to Mexico.

So when I received an invitation from the Croatian Tourist Board to get to know a little bit of their country I could hardly say no.

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Petrac Winery has been around for 26 years and their most famous wine is Karisma which you can find locally in many of the restaurant or in town in the local wineshop.

They literally sink a crate with bottles of a 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon in a spot in the sea. We had a wonderful evening filled with lots of wine, local food and – of course – too much slibovitz.