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No one believes he can do this, since Governors have no command over private grounds; although Sanshō offers initial resistance (having his men destroy the signs which state the edict), Zushiō orders him and his men arrested, thus freeing the slaves.

When he looks for Anju among Sanshō's slaves, he finds out his sister has sacrificed herself for his freedom.

The Head Priest writes a letter for him as proof of who he is.

Although initially refusing to see him, the Chief Advisor realizes the truth after seeing a statuette of Kannon from Zushiō.

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Several years later, the wife, Tamaki (Kinuyo Tanaka), and children, Zushiō and Anju, journey to his exiled land, but are tricked on the journey by a treacherous priestess.At this point Zushiō changes his mind and asks Anju to escape with him to find their mother.Anju asks him to take Namiji with him, convincing her brother she will stay behind to distract the guards. However, after Zushiō's escape, Anju commits suicide by walking into a lake, drowning herself so that she will not be tortured and forced to reveal her brother's whereabouts.He then tells Zushiō that his exiled father died the year before and offers Zushiō the post of the governor of Tango, the very province where Sansho's manor is situated in.

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As Governor of Tango, the first thing Zushiō does is to order an edict forbidding slavery both on public and private grounds.Anju (Kyōko Kagawa) still believes in the teachings of her father, which advocate treating others with humanity, but Zushiō (Yoshiaki Hanayagi) has repressed his humanity, becoming one of the overseers who punishes other slaves, in the belief that this is the only way to survive.

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