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15-Sep-2017 15:29

If the building is demolished, Melissa Applegate said, she accepts that’s a decision the owners have made.“There’s always sentiment, but that is what they have chosen to do,” she said. Applegate said she has been sorting through the personal memorabilia and plans to write a history of Jack’s and the times she and her husband had there.“If you want to enjoy memories of Jack’s or to share memories, pull out your pictures, and post them on the Jack’s Facebook page,” she said.“We did what we wanted to do and enjoyed it and have fond memories.”When constructed, the building that became Jack’s was at the intersection of two newly designated U. For people looking for less specific items, the auction being conducted by Atterberry Auction Co.Weisberg says that while an entire auction can last hours, individual pieces can go in under 30 seconds. Pick something you are drawn to and learn about the piece.“Art is — even if you think of it as an investment — it is something that you are going to live with,” Griffith says.You can check out a catalogue before the auction even begins, so you never have to go in blind.The terms of the auction are similar to those at a live auction — all bids must be paid before items are removed, Atterberry’s is charging a 10 percent buyer’s premium on all purchases and purchased goods must be removed from the premises from noon to p.m. James Sapp, an auctioneer for 21 years with Atterberry, provided the Tribune a tour of the closed restaurant.For the auction company, he said, online sales require a lot more work in preparation.“You have to photograph every item and describe every item,” Sapp said.

In the first “Sex and the City” movie, the girls accompany Samantha to an auction at Christie's, where she has her heart set on a sparkly diamond cocktail ring.The room is full with what we assume to be an elite set, directed by an auctioneer with a British accent. The ring starts at ,000, and Samantha is in competition with a bidder on the phone (who happens to be her model boyfriend, but that’s beside the point).

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