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Health Boost Enter an ambulance to get a small health increase.

Shotgun Ammo Enter a police cruiser to get five shotgun shells.

PS3 and PC owners could rejoice as these previously exclusive expansions came out for their formats in April 2010.

To access the cheats, simply press Up on the D-pad to bring out Niko's mobile phone. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

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Full health & armor Dial 3625550100 on the cell phone. This will unlock the knife, Molotov cocktails, handgun, shotgun, Uzi, AK47, sniper rifle, and RPG.

Weather/Brightness Dial 4685550100 on the phone to change the weather.

Now these are the cheats that won't screw up your achievements (we think) Secret Map Locations Go to a [email protected] Internet Cafe, log into a computer, and enter " as a URL to view maps that reveal all weapon, health, armor, vehicle, pigeon, ramp/stunt, and entertainment locations.

series and the first one to appear on a seventh generation console.

It was also, thanks to a famous slip-up by Sony over renewing their previous contract with Rockstar for exclusive publishing rights, the first entry to get a simultaneous Multi-Platform release, as well as the first to have downloadable content.

Unlockable Stuff Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus: Friendship Bonuses Reach the indicated level of friendship with the the different characters to unlock their special friendship ability which can help greatly in beating the game: Alex (nickname "Liberated Woman") You'll find Alex under a personal ad on the " website.

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This leads to floating point numbers in the display. See also Ticket #1023 for explanation of a related effect. Somehow some rrd files does not get re-tuned properly when the min/max settings of the plugin are changed.… continue reading »

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