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"Things happen that have no explanation," said Shiller. We love our four-legged friends so much that we take them everywhere we can.Though we’re used to taking our dogs jogging, swimming, hiking, and even to work sometimes, you may not know some of the more unusual dog friendly activities in Austin that you can enjoy with your furry friend.To many Austinites, The Domain seems like a little slice of Dallas that has been planted in the Capitol City. With all of the high-end retail stores and restaurants at The Domain, you might expect to find very strict no-dogs-allowed policies here.Same goes for the Flying Saucer in the Triangle and Specifically, though, Lustre Pearl on Rainey Street gets my vote as the most dog friendly bar in Austin.Dogs are more than welcome here – they are encouraged to show up.A "military brat", Jesse Jane grew up on military bases and was somewhat of a tomboy.She combined her love of sports with her long training in dance and became a top cheerleader in high school.

While economists, housing advocates and housing industry lobbyists argue the effects of the Republican tax plan and worry about the possibility of higher interest rates, Shiller, who has studied the economics of housing dating back to the 1800s, sees very little rhyme or reason to any of it.

The human factor — the emotional aspect of most people's single largest investment, a home — is far greater than the market stimuli that are accorded such importance.

"I tend to think it's not as great as you imagine because people are people, and I don't find that historically home prices have relied at all predictably to changes in things like interest rates," said Shiller, pointing to the huge boom in housing in the last decade.

Yet, surprisingly, The Domain is one of the most dog friendly parts of Austin.

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Every store in the shopping area allows dogs inside.

"It's not big," said Yale economics professor and Nobel laureate Robert Shiller.

In questa nuova ottica l’innovazione tecnologica, che accompagna l’evoluzione di tale modello, sta divenendo nel suo complesso un fattore abilitante, generatore di efficienza operativa e di innovazione dei servizi erogati.… continue reading »

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Así, el asturiano saldrá mañana por delante de su compañero Vandoorne,al que se le vio también muy fino, y de Sainz, que cierra las diez primeras posiciones. Ha desmontado los pronósticos y coloca a su Ferrari en la primera posición por delante de Verstappen. Mercedes pincha y se queda con la tercera línea con Hamilton por delante de Bottas.… continue reading »

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