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Sure, your usual tastes probably run sweeter—say, to a hotel pool, a king-size bed with a down comforter, and tasteful décor.

Yet there’s something liberating about letting loose and giving in to a strange suite once in a while—just as there’s something reassuring about knowing these properties exist and thrive.

There was a critic, who'll remain nameless, who called it a racist film. His paternal grandparents, Herschel Danielovitch and Bryna Sanglel, were Jewish immigrants from Belarus, who moved to America c. His mother, who was born in Devonshire, Bermuda, was of Belgian, Dutch, English, French, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh ancestry.

I called him up and asked, "Have you ever been to Japan? He said no and I said, "Then what the hell are you talking about?

Even the “Do not disturb” signs say “Solitary.” If you want the real lockup experience, ask to stay in one of the 18 rooms that feature parts of the real jail.

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Some of these unusual hotels have never-knew-you-needed-them amenities like an in-room sailboat, while others go for shock factor: ever slept in a coffin bed or a rescue pod?

While it jives with Berlin’s artsy reputation, some other unusual hotels go to more radical lengths to blend in with their surroundings.

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