Advantages and disadvantages of consolidating school districts within a state

24-Jul-2017 16:25

advantages and disadvantages of consolidating school districts within a state-86

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These results are supported by experiences in Zimbabwe and New Zealand.However, the design of these decentralized systems have been criticized.In Nicaragua, controlling for similar household background and school inputs, students in schools that make more decisions about school functions perform better in tests.These results are derived from ongoing impact evaluations.Some emerging areas of consensus are summarized in this chart.Decentralization Impacts The evidence about the impact of decentralization on education services is mixed and limited.

The choices of who does what are further complicated because each of these functions has to be evaluated for primary, secondary, and tertiary education, and often for preschools and adult literacy as well.

Beneficiary cost recovery schemes such as community financing have emerged as means for central governments to off-load some of the fiscal burden of education service provision.

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